Top Ten Technology Job Interview Tips for Students

Interview Tips

1. Research the company

Know the history of the company its culture and environment it is important to know about the company reputation you prefer to work in. Learn about the company targets, products it sells and its strategies to compete with their competitors in the industry. Find out what motivates the employees and management. Sharepoint Training Course is now a benefit for international students.

2. Act unique

Be honest, the distinctive scripted response will make you appear like everyone else. Do not pretend that you know everything be genuine and only be confident about the things you know. Everyone in the world likes uniqueness and honesty and this will put a very good impression of yours on the interviewer.

3. Dress like professional

The first impression is the last impression everyone knows this. Do not overdress, be simple and dress according to the company’s culture. You can speak to someone related to the company. Be presentable, be professional and let your attire speak for yourself.

4. Know the position

Employers have already listed qualification, knowledge and skills they expect from the candidates they want to hire. Research for the position and show them that you are fit or the position. Technical questions can be expected .Prepare yourself to talk about codes, write code and find errors about the code quickly.

5. Be a troubleshooter

Employers will definitely determine your capabilities on solving problems. Not just problems but they can ask you to design a very new thing related to technology. Do not get surprised if they ask you some odd questions it is likely in the interview sessions. Tell the employee about your thinking, solutions and alternatives.

6. Talk about your passion

Do not be provoked or egotistical show your genuine passion let the employees decide about your capabilities and skills. Talk about your likes and dislikes. Do not boost yourself in fake ways, as it will create trouble during the interview.

7. Ask questions

Your employee may be interviewing you but if you will ask those questions, they will not mind it. Ask questions about the responsibilities and duties their employees hold in the company. It will appear that you are interested in the company’s culture and duties especially if it is not mentioned in the advertisement. Ask about the company working cultures and carrier development and advancements.

8. Self knows

Know your weakness and strengths, which is very important practice coding, and solve them in front of other people. Technology students can expect these following questions and should be prepared these before going for interview Common algorithms and coding, Redesign and design, data structure number theory and brain teasers and puzzles.

9. Perform daily

Practice makes a man perfect utilize all the free sources, which are available to you, attend interview workshops. This will help you a lot in preparing for the real interview. You will also get feedback to know where you stand.

10. Connect to LinkedIn

Exchange contacts information in case you do not get the job. Both of you will have contacting details which will help you in connecting with the employees to get feedback and what you require to improve.

All these tips are very important because it will help impressing the interviewer and you can assure them that you are the right person who can fit in the company’s culture flawlessly.

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10 Reasons to Move to a VPS Server

VPS (virtual private servers) continue to dominate among the internet users despite the growth of other servers. A VPS server offers each account with its own bandwidth, disc space and operating system. Each account has its own virtual environment, which gives the user full control to manage the server as if it is a dedicated server. VPS servers can be categorized as hybrid of dedicated and shared hosting. This type of service is ideal for users who need full control of their environment. There are various aspects of VPS hosting, which makes it stand out among other hosting solutions.

The unique aspects offered by VPS

1. Dedicated Environment

The major VPS standout is the ability to have your own dedicated environment. Unlike shared hosting, with VPS you are offered with your environment where you can conduct many tasks. You can install programs that you need on the server and configure them to work as you want. This enables you to host applications and websites that require specific settings or components not available on standard settings to function properly.

2. Guaranteed Resources

Unlike shared servers, which shares essential features and components, with VPS, you can plan and manage your programs and applications to maximize performance and efficiency. With guaranteed resources, you can ensure 100-percent uptime as your services will not be affected by other activities and users beyond your control unlike shared servers. The resources that are mostly guaranteed under VPS servers include bandwidth, RAM and disk space.

3. Burstable RAM

Most VPS services offer users with additional RAM that can be used when the guaranteed RAM is exhausted. Although, this service is not recommended because it is not under your control, it is essential as it helps to prevent crashing of your server when the guaranteed RAM is fully used. In most occasions, the burstable RAM is available to all users and thus, you should only use it on desperate situations.

4. Stability and Reliability

A VPS server guarantees stability and reliability of your websites and applications as it is only affected by what you undertake. This is unlike shared hosting, which is greatly affected by the activities of other users on the same hosting. With a VPS hosting, you are guaranteed that your website will perform optimally irrespective of the time and period. For example, with shared hosting, your website can be slow in peak hours and fast in off peak hours based on the use of other sharing users.

5. Increased Performance

The major reason why people opt for VPS hosting instead of shared hosting is the need for increased performance. If you operate a website that is sensitive such as online store or a gaming site, you need hosting that ensures your website performance does not fluctuate as your customers will move to your competitors’ website. You should understand that customers are impatient and hence, the need for a steady performance.

6. Flexibility

A VPS server gives you flexibility to run and operate your hosting depending on your hosting needs and preferences. This is unlike shared hosting, which limits the activities that you can undertake on the server. In addition to running the applications and programs that you need you can also choose between managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. Managed VPS hosting is suitable if you cannot handle all technical aspects of your account while unmanaged VPS hosting offers you with full control over your account.

7. Affordability

VPS hosting is a cost effective measure for small and medium businesses that require reliable hosting solution. In most occasions, the requirements of businesses are greater than what shared hosting offers. A VPS server enables the business to enjoy the benefits similar to those of a dedicated server at an affordable cost.

8. Security

A VPS server is more secure than shared hosting services. In a shared hosting, security is not guaranteed as the activities of other users can have an effect on your hosting. This puts your website in a risk of various attacks such as virus and hackers attack. However, with a VPS hosting the risks are minimized as there are fewer external interactions. One of the most important things is choosing a provider with high security instances; some of the most secure providers by region include Dreamhost VPS from US, Webfusion from UK and Ninefold VPS from Australia.

9. Customizable

If you need a service that you can manage and operate with ease and according to your ability without paying hefty amounts of money for the service, you should consider a VPS server hosting. As long as your activities are within the terms and conditions of the provider you can customize your account as you wish.

10. Support

Most hosting providers accord VPS hosting the same importance and attention given to a dedicated hosting. This ensures quick solving of issues and problems that you may encounter. Always make sure to have a provider that offers 24/7 support, especially if you are switching to VPS for the first time.

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The Benefits of a Professional WordPress Theme

When you are building a website, you want to have high quality architecture for your site’s bones. You want to have a great looking site too, but what’s underneath has to come first. You have to have the best possible site, and that means that you are going to want to look into getting a WordPress Templates. The pro themes and custom themes are going to be a better option than the free themes that you can find all over the web. You can never be sure with those free themes, and they could have just about anything hidden in their code. Do not take a chance – use the professionals.

A Theme That Matches Your Style and Needs

One of the nice things about the professional themes is that you are going to have a bounty of different options. All different colors, styles, and looks are available. In the theme options panel, you will often be able to tweak the theme to your specifications so that it matches your branding. It is more than just the branding though. You will be able to choose a theme that fits the type of business that you have or the type of blog that you want to run. The magazine style themes, for example, are great for those that have a lot of written content. You can also find themes that are going to be ideal for artists and photographers who need a gallery. No matter what you need, you can find a great pro theme today. You just have to look.

Most people have the free blogs today. Do you know what that means? It means that a good chunks of the sites and blogs out there today look almost identical. If you do not want your visitors to look at your site and see something that they could see on a hundred or more other sites, then you are going to want to go pro and buy a quality theme.

Faster to Create and Use than a Traditional Site

Instead of a traditional website, you will find that the pro WordPress sites are going to be easy to use. The professional sites are also going to be easier to use than the free versions because they are usually going to have more features and options in the control panel. It makes it easier to create the site that you want.

The pro sites look professional, but that doesn’t mean that they are going to be difficult to use. You will find that instead of relying on someone else to make the changes to your site, as you might have to do with a traditional site, you will be able to make the updates on your own. This makes things much more convenient for you.

Reliability and Support Makes a Huge Difference

When you have a theme from the pros, you can be sure that it is going to be reliable as well. You will often have support too, so if you have any trouble with the theme’s installation, you will have someone who will be able to help you.

Most of the time, you will be able to find your themes for a great price. In some cases, you will be able to “buy out” the theme. This means that when you pay a certain amount, you will be the only person who is using that particular theme. This might not always be necessary though, since you can often make little tweaks and changes, and add your own graphics to make your site unique. Start looking for a great theme from the pros today.

Extensive Review of Adobe Photoshop CS6

The Adobe Photoshop is one of the most used computer applications of today. No other image editor is remotely as popular, as used and as expensive. For those who are passionate about digital images, there’s no other alternative than the next version and the newer update of it. In this article, we will tackle the new tricks and tips we should expect from the newest upgrade of this awesome application: the CS6.

1.    Look and Feel The first thing that you would notice is that Photoshop CS6 has a fresh new look and theme. Relative to Adobe After Effects, the new Adobe Photoshop CS6 has a dark user interface by default that puts all focus on images. As a user, you have the option to change it back to the original gray shade or even to a lighter mode plus two other modes to match your taste. Basic tools on the left side are streamlined with new icons that are nice and modern-looking as well. The layers with many graphic elements and workflows are cleaned up, so the section on the right looks more coherent and aligned than in the previous versions.

2.    Upgraded Features

  • New Crop

Since the beginning of Adobe Photoshop, this essential tool has not evolved, until now. CS6 includes a revamped crop tool. With the new graphic engine called Mercury, the image that is cropped flows, zooms, rotates and scales in real time. Additionally, cropping has overlies rules such as the golden ratio, golden spiral, rule of thirds, and what’s even better is that you can save your own presets. It further has straighten and perspective cutting/cropping which allows you to just draw along a straight line on the photo and the tool will rotate the final image for you and turn the image into a frontal shot. If you’re not into these extra features, you can still go back to the traditional whole crop though which is easier to use and smart all the time.

  • New Blur

For the record, the new blur is the feature that many users have been clamoring to be updated. CS6 includes a blur gallery with a new set of blur tools that mimic depth-of-field effects. Now you can portray the same effect SLRs/DSLRs can do, whereby the blur is applied dynamically across the image. The result is that the midpoint between sharp and a 100-pixel blur is a 50-pixel blur. This tilt-shift effect is far more convincing (and quicker to achieve) than simply fading between blurred and sharp image forms as most depth-of-field effects do. What’s also good is that you can try to blur everything with one focal point, or vary the blurriness between multiple focal points.

  • Shadows and Highlights

This is one of the features most overused by users. The newly updated feature allows you to put up and experiment with entering crazy levels without getting halos on your image around the areas of contrast (unlike in the old versions).

3.    Speed Requiring 1GB of RAM and a fast graphics card (OpenGL 2.0 video card), Photoshop CS6 delivers unparalleled speed and power combined with the creative tools necessary to get performance benefits. Built with the Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine, image editing tasks even with large images are processed faster. You don’t need to wait after doing image filters, zooming, cropping, brushes, saving for the web and other rendering.

4.    Typography Inherited from Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, CS6 typography allows you to reuse old paragraph and character styles and create variations of designs quickly. The beauty is that you can save more time in creating beautiful text and it does not end there. This function also supports OpenType fonts, fractions and all kinds of typography niceties. With the new 3D engine, you can also create 3D text which is cool.

5.    Layer Management You can’t live long with Adobe Photoshop without utilizing its gazillion layers and learning how to manage them well. If you’re not into the right organizing of layers, CS6 is your lifesaver as it has filtering capabilities to sort different layers in the layers palette automatically by kind, name, effect, mode, attribute and color. Also adding to the convenience is that you can refine them to the main types to separate from other hundreds existing layers in the same file.

6.    Auto-save What can be more frustrating and annoying than finishing up your Photoshop creation and something destructive happens to your computer and all the more—your work—and you realized you didn’t save it (even halfway done)?! None, right? In that instance, you have no choice but to start from scratch. With CS6, you don’t have to fret because of the new save and auto-recovery wonder that can save your work automatically every 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes in the background without interruption.

7.    Video Editing (New!) If you are not familiar with Premiere or Final Cut, you might want to consider playing with this video editing function and mastering it to replace other video editing application. CS6 features an intuitive video creation wherein you can use the full range of familiar Photoshop tools and an intuitive set of new video tools to create and enhance any video clip. Great image editing plus video editing in one? That’s just wow

Adobe Photoshop practices Kaizen as it continuously improves its features, complete functionality and design to satisfy and delight users. As seen in this review, will all the amazing new upgrades, CS6 will sweep you by feet. The least we can do is to utilize what this technology offers and create awesome patches of creative and inventive outputs that would extoll awesomeness.


How to survive your first job?

Interview Queue

Congratulations, you have passed the interview and preliminary exams required and you have been hired by X company. You have placed your best foot forward and lured them to buy everything that you’ve said during the interview. What now? Chances are, you will be offered a minimum or basic salary for a probationary post. How do you survive your first job?

Be honest. You are already accepted to the company, no need to pretend like you know everything. Accept the fact the many people know more than you do, no matter where they are from. It is no longer a battle about who graduated from which university, and who ranked higher. Truth is, older employees are senior to you and that you cannot discount their experiences. But it doesn’t mean that you will obey what they said as if it is greater than the 10 Commandments of God. You have to use your discretion and judgment at all times. As the saying goes, just because a person is old doesn’t mean he is right all the time. Be firm in what you believe in, respect others at all times, and when in doubt, ask.

Understand that the first job doesn’t always pay well but is important in deciding which career path you are going to take. Think of it as an extension of your school or on-the-job training where you will learn more than they will pay you. Soon you will get there, too, but for the meantime, accept new learning. Your first job may not be your last job but surely, you will or can use whatever you learned from your first job to your next jobs.

Your first job will also test you whether you really want your chosen career path. Sometimes, the course that the child takes up in college is only what the parents want them to take, and just so the parents won’t take it against them, the child will spend four years of his life pleasing his parents. Afterwards, the child looks for a job. This first job becomes a training ground, a trial whether he will like this particular profession or not. Try to learn as much as you can. Companies are not charging you anything for it, unlike in school. Take advantage of it. You surely will be able to use it in the future, and as they say, it is one thing no one can rob from you.


Create good, and if possible, best impressions. They surely will help you in your next job. Sometimes, companies ask for recommendations from previous bosses or from the company’s Human Resource team. How do you expect to be accepted in your next and probably, dream job when you’ve constantly absented yourself from work, or have arrived to work always late? How do you expect to be hired when you are doing mediocre work even on menial tasks?

In the end, it is all about give and take. Give them your best effort and behavior and you will soon be rewarded with better job opportunities out there. This article does not encourage job-hopping but it is aware of the fact that employees are volatile creatures and that being employed in a company, no matter how financially rewarding it is, does not guarantee the loyalty of the employees. Rather, it faces the fact that people are constantly looking for a job that will make them happy physically, emotionally, professionally, and financially.